Civil Litigation

Dallas Civil Litigation Lawyer


The society we live in today is highly litigious. Everyday disputes can often lead to lawsuits, and in these cases, it is essential to have a Dallas civil litigation attorney on your side whom you can trust to protect your interests.

Over the past few years, some civil lawsuits have been filed and won that may seem frivolous to those outside of the law:

  1. A man sentenced to prison over assault charges sued shoemaker Nike for $100 million because Nike did not warn him that the shoes could cause damage if they were used when stomping on another individual’s face during an assault.
  2. A woman sued a restaurant after she jumped onto the back of a donkey statue in front of the business, fell off, and hurt herself.
  3. A woman sued the government after an employee at a bowling alley located on an Air Force base accidentally spilled hot nacho cheese on her finger. The suit was for $95,000.
  4. A man tripped over a discarded Christmas tree in front of an apartment complex and sued the complex for his injuries.

In a world where lawsuits are plenty, having an attorney you can trust who also has the experience and knowledge you need to get you through long and confusing court proceedings is essential. As a Dallas civil litigation attorney with M. J. Watson & Associates, P.C., I’ve represented individuals, business owners, and corporations in Dallas courts. I have successfully represented multiple clients in a wide variety of Texas civil litigation proceedings. As my client, you are provided with the dynamic representation and experience you need and deserve.

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Protecting your best interests. As your attorney, my first concern is always to fight for your interests. I work closely with my clients to ensure that I can recognize their immediate concerns as well as thier long-term goals. I then work toward the best result possible and oversee all aspects of the litigation. With experience working on civil litigation cases, you can trust that I know how best to proceed and defend your rights. Instead of worrying about your civil litigation case, you can focus your time and energy on other crucial areas of your life and career while I defend your rights.

Determining if litigation is the right course of action takes a nuanced understanding of Texas laws. As an experienced Dallas civil litigation attorney, I recognize when litigation is necessary and take care to pursue the correct approach to a dispute. Whether negotiations or alternative forms of dispute resolution are the best paths forward, I’ll stand at your side to defend you.

If you have experienced mistreatment, harassment, been injured, subject to a contract dispute, or have been wrongfully accused of the above, you deserve justice. With a Dallas civil litigation attorney at your side, you can rest easy knowing you are taken care of so that you can return to life as normal.