Whistleblower Action

Whistleblower Lawyer in Dallas


If an employee reports his or her company for wrongdoing or systemic fraud, there are laws in place that work to protect that whistleblower from employer retaliation. Some of these laws include the Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and False Claims Acts. Each of these laws are important for whistleblowers and provide certain protected rights to employees.

No matter its supporting law, whistleblower legislation aims to protect employees from a variety of abuses including:

  1. Discipline
  2. Demotion
  3. Intimidation
  4. Failure to hire or rehire
  5. Reduction of pay or hours
  6. Termination
  7. Making threats
  8. Denying overtime or promotion

Blacklisting which is when an employer passes an employee’s name along with negative stories or feedback on to similar businesses to make sure they cannot be hired within the same field. By doing this, an employer can completely kill an employee’s career or force them to have to move to a new location where they haven’t been defamed.

Denial of benefits, including denying an employee benefits like vacation, sick days or overtime or causing insurance coverage delays.

Retaliatory assignments which typically occur when an employer gives an employee difficult or unpleasant assignments as a way to punish them. These assignments could also prove to be too challenging for that employee to complete, and the employer could then use this as an excuse to fire or punish that employee.

If you reported your company for wrongdoing and were mistreated as a result, you are legally allowed to file a grievance against your employer with a Texas Whistleblower attorney. M. J. Watson & Associates, P.C. provides personalized legal services to individuals throughout Texas.  I can navigate you through this complicated legal process.

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Whistleblower laws were specifically created by the government to protect employees from harassment, abuse, or mistreatment as a result of their brave actions. As a Dallas whistleblower lawyer, I am proud to enforce these laws, protect your rights, and hold your employer accountable for their illegal activities. M. J. Watson & Associates, P.C. will work to quickly and efficiently resolve your Texas whistleblower case.

As my client, I will guide you through each stage of the process, thoroughly discuss your situation, and work alongside you to determine the best way forward. I provide well-informed advice so that you can come to an informed decision about how you would like to proceed with your case. Throughout the legal process, I will ensure that you are always up-to-date with the progress of your case and thoroughly understand your options at each stage. You can count on  M. J. Watson & Associates, P.C. to be the effective representation you need and deserve.